Mustangs vs Chelmsford 18/11/2001 - A Trip Down Memory Lane

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:54 am    Post subject: Mustangs vs Chelmsford 18/11/2001 - A Trip Down Memory Lane Reply with quote

The Mustangs face the Chelmsford Chieftains at the Ice Bowl this Sunday (18/01/09) but - if I remember correctly - the last time the teams met in Gillingham was on 18/11/01.

The Dynamos were still in the EPL - it was their double winning season - and we had a Mustangs team in what we all called ED1 in those days. Chelmsford had suffered a funding crisis at the end of the previous season and had dropped from the EPL to ED1 (but they went back to the EPL the following season).

The Mustangs were playing their home games for double points, due to lack of ice time. ED1 had a North and a South division. Other than the Mustangs and Chelmsford, the South division comprised: Telford, Oxford, Flintshire, Basingstoke, Slough, Bracknell, MK, and Peterborough.

On the night, the following players ice for the Mustangs: Joey Pearman, Russell Turner, Peer Beerling, Kev Lake, Matthew Billing, Peter Carey, Andy Martin, James Lake, Richard Hodge, Mark Graham, Grant Baxter, Dan Fudger, Jamie Smith, Matt Drake and netminders Ian Rowlands and Lee Freeman. Not icing were: Adam Copland, Aaron Crisford, James Whitehouse, Tom Wade and Garrett Bruce (all still juniors at that time, I think). The manager was Ken Drake.

(This all has a familiar ring about it so far.)

Chelmsford brought 14 skaters and two netminders. Amongst the skaters were Whiting and Wallis (now with Romford Raiders). The coach and the manager were Dean Birrell and Ollie Oliver.

Back in the 2001/02 season, ED1 was regarded as a goon league and this game did more than most to reinforce the perception.

The Mustangs were two down after 4 minutes, but got one back at 9 minutes - just after Turner had missed a penalty shot for the Mustangs. Chelmo scored again on the PP at 10:24 and at 14:17 Lovell tangled with Baxter - Lovell got 2 for Interference and 2+10 for Abuse of an Official whilst Baxter had 2 for Unsportsmanlike Conduct. At the end of the first it was Mustangs 2 - 3 Chelmo.

In the second period there were several Delay of Game penalties on each side (but in those days they wouldn’t have been for firing the puck out). Also Chelmo’s Beckett received 2 mins for holding and a further 2 for abuse of an official. Chelmo scored four unanswered goals to make it Mustangs 2 - 7 Chelmo at the end of the second.

It was in the third period that things heated up.

40:57 Pen Inv Carey, x-check, 2 min
41:41 2-8 Goal Che A Clements (Beckett, Lovell), PPG
42:46 2-9 Goal Che Whiting (Bishop)
43:58 Pen Inv Fudger, high sticks, 2 min
43:58 Pen Che Wright, unsportsmanlike conduct, 2 min
44:19 Pen Inv J Smith, charging, 2 min
44:19 Pen Che S Clements, roughing, 2 min
44:19 Pen Che Botha, roughing, 2 min
44:40 3-9 Goal Inv J Lake (K Lake, Carey) ES
45:37 Pen Inv Martin, roughing, 2 +2 min
45:37 Pen Che Beckett, roughing, 2+2
47:54 4-9 Goal Inv J Smith (Hodge)
49:16 Pen Inv J Lake, tripping, 2 min
49:32 Pen Inv J Smith, high sticks, 5 min + Game
52:51 Pen Che Lovell, check from behind, 2 + 10 min
52:51 Pen Inv Martin, charging, 2 min AND
52:51 Pen Inv Martin, roughing 2 +2 min
52:51 Pen Che Beckett, roughing, 2+2 min AND
52:51 Pen Che Beckett, x-check, 5 min +Game

Clearly, the referee had lost control of the game by the 45 min mark. Unfortunately, I don’t have a record of who the officials were, but as Jamie Smith was thrown out there’s a strong chance that the ref was Gary Crouch - he seemed to throw Jamie out of every game if he could.

At 52:51 the niggling between Andy Martin and Jon Beckett escalated into a proper battle that left Martin with a cut head where he hit the boards. I can’t remember the damage to Beckett, but no doubt there was some.

It was at this point, whilst play was stopped, that Ollie Oliver stepped onto the ice from the Chelmo bench an literally threw the towel in. He had a white towel which he waved in surrender and then threw on the ice as he made his way across. So the game was abandoned at 52:51 with the score at 2 - 9 in Chelmo’s favour.
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2009 8:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Holy cow I remember this one. The ref was indeed Mr Crouch. In addition to what you posted, you missed the details where Barndoor Beckett's cheap shot not only cut Andy Martin's head but filled his helmet with blood, and the bit where on the conclusion of the game, the Chelmo players skated round offering the finger to whoever was looking at the time, even those clapping them off.

The other detail - a positive one this time - is the bit in the first period where Rowlands stacked the pads to make a fantastic save in a 2-on-0 situation. Again this appears to have echoes in more recent Invicta hockey.

I think the worst travesty of the lot was that the Mustangs were not awarded the game 5-0 as the Chiefs appealed the abandonment.
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